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Kiev, Ukraine amazes me

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev has always needed to have some sort of controversy and while it was a war for many years, it has currently changed to wanting to make its mark culturally. This is a good thing, because it means that you can go to see the creative works of art that have popped up all over the city, whether in museums, galleries, or vintage cafés. The best part is that this part of the country is cheaper than you thought possible. In fact, I think you could eat three times what you would in western Ukraine and still not come close to paying the same amount of money.

One of the first things to see in the city is Kiev Pechersk Lavra, but plan on spending at least half a day there and hiring a guide to ensure you do not miss anything. Afterwards, make a quick stop at Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and the Great Lavra Bell Tower. To learn more about this fabulous city, you should consider wandering around the Pirogovo-Kiev Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. Khreshchatyk is an excellent location for shopping and dining, but it is better to go on the weekends when the street performers are out.

The summers offer a little warmth under the cloudy skies, while the winters are cold and windy. The temperature hardly ever gets higher than eighty degrees and it is quite possible for it to reach zero on occasion in the middle of winter. It does snow during the winter months, but not a lot. You are more apt to see rain while you are in Kiev.

The busiest time in Kiev is during the summer, due to the warmer temperatures. The spring and fall are slightly better, because the crowds dissipate slightly, but winter is the best if you are looking for true deals. Yes, it may be much colder there, but the activities that take place during the winter months will keep you entertained and warm.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Kiev, Ukraine

· There is a McDonald’s near the train station in Kiev and it is always ranking within the top five in the entire world! In one year alone, they can serve more than two million orders!

· The Kiev State Museum of Miniatures is the best place to see more than one thousand miniature objects by Syadristy Nikolai.

· There are three witch gathering places in this city and they are all under the name Lysa Hora, or Bold Mountain.

Kiev is such a breath of fresh air, now that all the fighting is done! If you have wanted to visit the Ukraine, but have been unsure of where to go, Kiev is the place for you. The prices are reasonable, the locals are friendly, and you will have more than enough to do throughout your visit.

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