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Awesome Travel Apps

Travel Apps that Can Turn a Vacation from Good to Magnificent


Technology has advanced so much over the last couple of decades and it has created an entirely new world for many people.  Anyone who couldn’t read a map or a compass, can now input a destination into their phone and instantly receive driving directions to where they want to go.  Plus, people can find nearby restaurants, gas stations, and coupons with a couple of taps on a screen.


Here are the 5 best travel apps that can turn a vacation from good to magnificent:


1.  Google Trips


Google Trips holds every important piece of a vacation in one spot without the hassle of papers overflowing out of a folder.  People can keep their reservations, plus a list of places to go, things to do, and restaurants to eat at in one place.  The app can even put together a full day or half day itinerary.  The best part of this app is that it works offline, so no one needs to worry about connecting to the internet in a new city far from home.


2.  Hopper


Hopper can save everyone hundreds of dollars on airfare, while also allowing them to book flights right on their phone.  This app shares important information like when people can get the best price on their tickets, how they can get the best price, and it will notify everyone when the price drops for flights they are interested in taking.


3.   Airbnb


Yes, Airbnb now has an app, and this app will change everyone’s accommodation experiences.  The app offers people a way to find locals who are willing to let them stay with them or a room or house that is available within Airbnb.  This app is currently working on updates that will allow everyone to plan their entire vacation with a few simple swipes on their phone.


4.  Google Maps


Google Maps does much more than give directions, it also shares public transportation options and allows people to see how busy certain destinations are in real time.  Part of this app can be used offline, which is perfect for when the internet is not available.


5.   Packpoint


No one will ever have the excuse that they didn’t know what the weather would be like during their vacation when they start using Packpoint.  This app checks the weather forecast for the dates of travel and then compiles a list of what a person should pack.  People can have this list customized according to the activities that they plan to do while they are away and it is easy to subtract items and share the list with friends and family.


These five apps can make a person’s vacation much easier as well as more organized.  There are many more apps available out there, so people will want to search and see if there are any others that may help them achieve their goals of traveling the world one country at a time.  



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