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Useful Gadgets for Travel

Best Gadgets for People to Take on their Next Vacation


Everyone loves gadgets and people can be seen fiddling with one thing or another at any time of the day or night.  Of course, there is no better time to find new gadgets to play with than on a nice long vacation, because people have more free time during their days.


Here are 5 of the best gadgets that everyone should consider for their next vacation:


1.  Sandless Beach Mat


Most people love the beach, but many of those same people hate the sand that ends up on their towel or blanket and eventually in their food.  The sandless beach mat is nearly impossible to cover with sand and will make a day at the beach less messy.


2.  Luggage Scooter


Travelers can move around easily with the luggage scooter and no one will ever be seen running through an airport as they try to catch their connecting flight if they have one of these.  This can also be used as a kickboard scooter, plus it has Bluetooth speakers so that a person can listen to music while using it.


3.   Selfie Drone


The selfie stick is now more advanced, thanks to the AirSelfie drone.  This drone fits inside a pocket, yet the five-megapixel camera, WiFi, and three minutes of flying time allows everyone to snap the perfect selfie shot.  All the images are stored on a SD card, but people can sync them to their phone or share them through the app.


4.  Luminette


Jet lag is a common thing with people who love to travel the world.  Luminette is a light therapy that is effective for those who are suffering from jet lag and the eyewear is quite portable and easy to take along to any destination.  People can use this for as little as thirty minutes in the morning to get their bodies acclimated to the new time zone.


5. The Dash  - Wireless Headphones


People might think that all wireless headphones are the same, but The Dash are unlike any other.  First off, there is no wire connecting the two earpieces, so no one needs to worry about getting tangled up while sleeping on a plane.  There is no outside noise when these are being used and people can program the headphones to hold as many as 1,000 songs in its memory, so people do not need their device when they go out jogging.  The Dash also tracks a person’s heart rate, their calorie intake, oxygen levels, and other vitals.


New gadgets are always fun and there is no better time to find some new and exciting options than vacation.  All these gadgets can make a person’s time away from home more entertaining, plus they can use many of them during their everyday lives once they are back home.  


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