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the best hot spas internationally

Best Hot Spas Around the World 

Have you always wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and retreat to one of the best hot spas in the world? This is a dream everyone seems to have, myself included. I have been doing some research to find the best hot spas around the world. While I would love to say I was doing this for myself, I am actually doing it so I can provide you with everything you need to know to get some relaxation in your life.

Aqua Dome Spa in Langenfeld, Austria


This gorgeous spa can be found right in the Otztal Valley and it offers views of the nearby mountains. In fact, those stunning peaks are exactly what you will find yourself staring at when you are floating in the thermal baths. There are 12 basins at this spa and each one is filled with warm water. When you are not in the thermal bath, you may find yourself taking a dip in the pool or sweating it out in the sauna. There are dozens of other spa treatments you can choose from during your visit as well, so I recommend planning on staying at this spa for at least a few days.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

You can easily vacation in Iceland and only visit the Blue Lagoon for one day, but that is not something I recommend. Unless of course, you go to the Blue Lagoon on your last day in the country, because knowing you must return home is the only way you will want to leave this little piece of paradise. Your time at the Blue Lagoon will be spent relaxing in the geothermal seawater, while you take advantage of the powerful results of the silica and algae mud masks. When you are not soaking in the lagoon, you may find yourself enjoying one of the many spa treatments that are available to guests.

Qua Baths and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada

You really don’t need to go to other countries to find an amazing spa to rejuvenate you. There are a few fantastic spas here in the USA, but none are quite as special as Qua Baths and Spa at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This 50,000 square foot spa has everything you have ever dreamed of and so much more. Many people begin with a dip in one of the three Roman baths. However, I recommend a little time in the Arctic Ice Room. There are no other rooms like this in the world and it is truly the best place to absorb the cold air, as snow falls all around you. Of course, if you don’t like the cold, you can always do a little sweating inside the Laconium Relief Room. There are many types of treatment options available at this spa, in addition to these three rooms. Plus, since they take a holistic approach with all their treatments, you will walk away feeling better than ever.

Ayana Spa in Bali

Signature spa treatments are available at the Ayana Spa in Bali, but since this is a tropical paradise, you won’t be surprised to hear there are many other options too. One of the all-time favorite spa options is to have your treatment down by the water in your own private villa. Imagine listening to the sound of the waves hitting the rocks, as you blissfully lay there letting all your stress drift away. You may even want to consider an underwater massage within the seawater pool for a unique and once in a lifetime experience.

ESPA at the Europe in Killarney, Ireland

If you are looking for the ultimate in rest and rejuvenation, I recommend heading over to Ireland for a few days at the ESPA at the Europe. This spa will indulge you with treatments that include time in the swimming pool, vitality pool, and thermal suite. Of course, all that is in addition to the sixteen treatment rooms, two beauty suites, and multiple manicure and pedicure thrones.

Tabacon Grand Spa in Costa Rica

All the spa treatments at the Tabacon Grand Spa are completed in bungalows out in the rainforest. This allows the unique scents of the rainforest to be a part of your treatment every single time. Of course, the setting also allows you to hear the subtle sounds from the nearby hot springs. I recommend including a hot spring enhancement with your massage, signature treatments, and even the holistic treatments you decide to have.

These are the best hot spas around the world and at least one of them will meet all your needs when you require a little me time. If you have been craving a little time away from home, and honestly, who hasn’t… look into one of these spas and book your stay immediately. You won’t regret one minute that you spend at any of these spas, and you will feel so much better when you return home.

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