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Travel Insurance

The Best Travel Insurance Sites


No one can ever predict when they are going to be ill, end up in the hospital, or have a death in the family.  These things can happen in the blink of an eye and not even a carefully planned vacation can stop them.  Those unexpected events are why travel insurance is so important, because spending a few dollars on insurance means recouping the cost of a lost trip, the lost luggage, or the medical emergency that occurred overseas.


Here are 5 of the best travel insurance sites:


1.  Travel Guard


Travel Guard offers all sorts of insurance plans including trip cancellation, travel medical, and flight insurance.  They make it easy to customize each plan, so people can purchase exactly what they think that they may need.  It is easy for people to compare customizable plans side by side on their website to make an informed decision.


2.   Travelex


Travelex has three different choices when it comes to insurance and they include Basic, Select, and Max.  Travelers can customize all three of the plans though, which is perfect for those looking for the best coverage possible at the lowest prices available.  Anyone traveling with children should be aware that the Select plan covers them for free.


3.    World Nomads

World Nomads offers a bundled insurance policy that covers travel coverage for cancellation or interruption, medical insurance, and coverage for lost or stolen luggage and personal items.  It is slightly pricier than other companies and the plans cannot be customized, but they cover most activities that other companies would consider an add-on.


4.   HTH Travel Insurance


HTH Travel Insurance focuses on medical insurance, whereas other companies throw it in the plan as an afterthought.  They have two short-term plans available and each plan lists the benefits clearly.  People can read the exclusions immediately as they are looking at each plan and a FAQs section is available with answers to many of the often-asked questions.


5.  IMG


IMG specializes in medical insurance plans, but they also have more traditional insurance plans like lost luggage and trip cancellations.  Although they have provided insurance to millions of people over the years, their website is not easy to navigate and there is a lot of small print that everyone needs to read carefully before making their purchase.


Some people do not think that travel insurance is a necessary purchase, however, many of those same people will change their mind once a tragedy occurs and they lose money from either a lost trip, lost luggage, or a medical emergency overseas.  Everyone should consider travel insurance, because for a little bit of money, they can get a lot of peace of mind.





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