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How to Plan an Amazing Vacation: A Step by Step Guide

Planning a vacation can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t taken the time to do it before. There are so many steps you must take and many of them must be in a certain order or things could really get interesting. Thankfully, I have planned more trips than I can count. So, you might say that I am an expert when it comes to vacation planning. Therefore, I thought it might be helpful if I shared my step-by-step guide to planning amazing vacations.

A Step by Step Guide to Planning Amazing Vacations

1.  Who is Going on Vacation?


The first thing you must decide when planning a vacation is who is going on the trip! Your entire trip will be dependent on whether you are going alone, with your significant other, with friends, or even with your kids. Once you know who is going, you can start the rest of the planning!

2.  When are You Going on Vacation?


It is important to know the dates of your travel, so you know when to book things for. You may want to have a date range to begin with and then narrow it down according to what is available during those times. 

I sometimes think that I want to leave for vacation on a Saturday, but then realize that flights are much cheaper if I fly out on a Tuesday. Same with the return trip. I always say to stay flexible when beginning your vacation planning!

3.  How are You Getting to Your Destination?


There are many ways to reach your vacation destination. You can drive, fly, take the train, or even go by bus. Depending on where you are visiting, you may find that you are doing more than one of these things.

Once you know how you are getting to your destination, you can make your plans. If you are driving, you can make sure your car is in tip-top shape before leaving. If you decide you are flying, you can arrange your flights. Train tickets and bus tickets can also be purchased at this time.

4.  Where are You Staying?


As soon as you book your flights, or at least know the exact dates of your trip, it will finally be time to figure out where you are staying. Many destinations normally have different types of accommodations. Therefore, it is easy to choose a hotel or a resort. You may even find that you can stay in a houseboat or a treehouse during your vacation. Accommodation possibilities are almost endless, so embrace the options that are available to you!

5.  What are You Doing on Vacation?


Once you have your travel arrangements and accommodations booked, you can start what I call the fun part of planning your vacation! This is the time to see what there is to do at your destination.

I recommend checking out the different tour operators where you are visiting. These tour companies offer a wealth of information and you will see so much more in a shorter amount of time when you choose to tour with them. A quick Google search will let you see what tour companies are in the area you are visiting. You can then look at the reviews to see which ones are the better options.

6.  What are You Eating on Vacation?


When you are on vacation, you are going to need to eat. And I find it can be really difficult to stick to a food budget without a plan! Therefore, I always recommend setting aside a specific amount of money for food and then coming up with a plan.

While you may be tempted to eat out for every single meal, I can say that you can save a ton of money by stopping at the grocery store or even farmer’s market when you arrive. A stop at these places will allow you to pick up certain food and drink items that you can enjoy throughout your trip. And most of the time, you can purchase those items for a lot less than what you would pay for them in a restaurant.

I also recommend checking out local restaurants online to get an idea of how much meals cost, so you can get the most for your money. By planning your dining adventures carefully, you will never be hungry when you are on vacation!

7.  Will You Have Any Downtime?


One of the best tips I can give you when you are planning your vacation is to make sure you plan for some downtime. You are going to get really tired if you are on the go from early in the morning until really late at night. So, make sure you take the time to lounge by the pool or simply take a nap in your room.

These are the seven steps you must take when planning an amazing vacation! I recommend doing these steps in order, so you do not skip over anything or plan something for a day you might not be at your destination. If you have never planned a vacation before, these steps will make sure you have a fabulous time without any stress once you leave your home. And if you have planned a vacation before, following these steps will ensure you don’t miss a beat throughout the process.

Much love, from your jet setter friend,



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