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Why I started traveling...

This is such an easy question to answer. I love exploring new places! Everything about traveling says it all... the views, the new sights, the smell of the air in the country and the people you get to meet along the way. I will tell you though, traveling is not always easy.. you will encounter hurdles, challenges and even unexpected situations, but that's just a part of the traveling life. 

Honestly, traveling can help a person grow. I have first-hand experience about it. Throughout the past, I have traveled to approximately 25 different countries (there's more to my bucket list and I would want to keep on exploring!) and experienced the unique cultures this world has to offer. This helped me to gain a lot of memories, which I couldn’t have gained from any other method. Therefore, I strongly believe on the fact that traveling has the ability to make a person more well-rounded.

From my childhood, I had the dream of traveling the world. However, I didn’t just want to keep it as a dream. I wanted to pursue that dream and make it into a reality. I knew that I was dreaming too big because I didn’t have any background for traveling nor did I have enough money for it. As a result, I had to walk the extra mile in order to start traveling. (That included for me saving monthly as I started saving money as early as in high-school because during those times, I had a part time job.) The effort I invested on it is totally worth and I’m experiencing all the results that came along with it to my life.

I was born in Chicago, but I spent my childhood in San Diego. I’m glad that I was raised in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country. I love to call San Diego my hometown as well. The beautiful neighborhood that I got the opportunity to experience during my childhood convinced me that this world is not the same. This created the temptation within my mind to travel and explore the world. The spark that was initiated within my mind grew along with time and I got the opportunity to transform it to a big dream after a short period of time. The dream became a reality after my dedication and commitment. I truly enjoyed traveling and it was able to convince me that this world is not the same. I could experience the diversity that exists in the world we live in. In other words, this helped me to take a look at the world from a different perspective. It helped me to discover a unique aspect of my life as well.


Now I know that we are born not just to work for a 9-5 job and die. Plenty of things are there in this world for us to explore and get to know about. It is entirely up to us to take that decision whether we should go on exploring or not. I’m glad that I have taken the decision to go ahead and explore the world. If you are a person who is interested in traveling, you are encouraged to go ahead and read my blog and I hope it will be able to inspire you to go for your goals and travel eventually! 


I’ll be using this blog to share my travel experiences. You can go ahead and read the blog posts to get to know about the experiences that I’m going through. If you also have a dream to travel the world, I’m sure these experiences would assist you to get the motivation that is required to travel the world. I will be updating this blog on a regular basis and you are invited to go through my life changing experiences...:)


Why I made traveling a priority...

  • Traveling expands your knowledge and appreciation for other people and their cultures.

  • It helps you learn languages and be able to communicate with people everywhere.

  • It allows you to see past your own concerns and troubles and become more compassionate.

  • It gives you a greater desire to help people who are less fortunate than you.

  • It breaks you out of your comfort zone and chips away at your fears.

  • It helps you discover more about yourself and your traveling companions.

  • The memories you make and will cherish forever are worth more than anything you could buy.

  • You will meet some of the friendliest, like-minded people who might turn out to be your friends for life.

  • You can live (actually LIVE) through your own travels. No need to do it vicariously through others.

  • You will find yourself in hilarious, terrifying, awkward and just downright laughable situations that you will later realize where the times you felt the most alive in your entire life.

  • With traveling, you can find yourself, learn more about yourself, and find your true self. 


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