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Romania - Bucharest is a gem!

Bucharest, Romania

The energy that runs through the streets of Bucharest is electric, so make sure you get a lot of sleep before you arrive in this part of Romania! This is an excellent place to spend a few days, either before or after a little time in Transylvania, but you must make sure you plan your time wisely if you want to see everything you should during your visit.

Weather in Bucharest

It can get below freezing during the winter months in Bucharest, so you must be prepared for the extreme cold if you plan to visit at that time. The summer months are much warmer with temperatures climbing up into the eighties. You will have a better chance of rain during the spring months, so plan your vacation wisely even if you do not mind dodging the raindrops.

Things to Do in Bucharest

One of the first things you should do when you arrive in Bucharest is visit the Parliamentary Palace and it is best to take a tour, so you learn as much as you can about this massive building. Afterwards, you can spend a little time in Old Town, or Lipscani. When you are in this part of the city, you will get an idea of what Bucharest looked like after World War II.

Cismigiu Gardens is the oldest recreation area in the city and Carl Meyer spent lots of time designing these gardens in a spot where a lakeside vineyard used to be located. There is a lake in this garden area and if you time your visit right, you can take a boat out on it. However, if you are a little late to the game, you can always choose to do a little ice skating once the lake is frozen.

A few other things to see and do in this city during your visit include touring Spring Palace, wandering through Revolution Square, see the Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral, and wander through the National Museum of Art of Romania.

Unique Facts about Bucharest

  • Bigar Cascade Falls is one of the best waterfalls in the world and it can be found in Bucharest.

  • There is a custom as Romanian weddings where the brides are stolen and held until the ransoms are paid.

  • The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the second largest building in the world. The only building that is larger is the Pentagon.

  • The nickname of Bucharest is Little Paris.

  • Obolului Street is the most narrow street in the city.

You will not regret one minute that you spend in Bucharest, so make sure you add this city to your list when you plan a trip to Romania. Yes, Transylvania might get a lot of the recognition in this country, but I can tell you that this city is just as amazing and worthy of your time.

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