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Affordable Airfare

Websites Everyone Can Use to Find Affordable Airfare


Flying has become quite expensive and many families are either choosing to drive to their destinations or they plan trips that are much closer to home.  However, many of these same families could find cheaper airfare if they used one of the numerous websites that is now available.


Here are 4 of the best websites for finding cheaper airfare:


1)  Kayak


Kayak has a detailed search tool on their website that allows travelers to enter specific travel dates and times as well as which cabin class they would like.  Anyone who has flexibility within their plans can really benefit from using Kayak, because the website will show cheaper rates on different travel dates as well as rates for flying from different airports.  No one can book their flight on Kayak and will need to click on the site that they want to go to in order to do that.  However, Kayak is still a time saver, because a person can compare rates all in one place.  Once a person has booked their flight, they can continue to use Kayak to track the flight’s status, access airport maps, and check baggage fees.


2.  Momondo

Momondo is not a typical search for airfare website.  This website goes a step further and will display flight information using different airlines for departure and return trips if that option is the cheapest.  This saves people time from trying to do that themselves as well as money.  Momondo will also show travelers when it would be beneficial for them to switch their travel dates, so that they can save the most money on their flight.


3.  Skyscanner


This website allows people to search for a cheap airline ticket by simply entering their destination and their travel dates.  Skyscanner also lists popular destinations for those who are struggling and trying to decide where they should go.  An additional feature includes deals for upcoming months that everyone can take advantage of.


4.  Cheap Tickets


Cheap Tickets allows people to search for a flight using travel dates and destinations, but they also have filters to narrow the results even more.  The flights are then displayed from cheapest to the most expensive, to save everyone time during their search.  Another time saving measure that the website has is that it saves the search parameters of recent searches, so people can go on and quickly check prices without retyping all the information all over again.

Cheap airfare websites are popping up all over the place, but the most successful sites are the ones that have been around for a while.  They offer the best deals all the time and they make it easy to book the flights and then follow up with the flights before and during the trip.


These are some of my go-to travel websites when booking my flights! I hope they help you in your next destination!

Much love and safe travels, your jet setter friend,



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