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My favorite travel sweepstakes sites 

Who wouldn't want to win a free vacation? I know I would! I have listed some of the best sites that offer travel sweepstakes for you to enter - of course all paid for, if you win! Good luck! Take me! :) Just kidding! 

From international to Disney, and to Hawaii and Las Vegas sweepstakes, I would definitely recommnt you visit The Balance Everyday website.  They always update their sites based on sweepstakes by current dates and also keeps you informed of the deadlines of when you can last enter.  Below are a list of their links based on what type of sweepstakes you'd like to enter.  


Another one of my favorites for travel is The Travel Channel Sweepstakes! Not only can you win a vacation, but YOU could also win 10,000 in cash!


The Luxury Travel Expert is also an amazing travel sweepstakes site for those who want to win a luxurious vacation.  They list amazing trips and vacations to visit! Who wouldn't want to experience travel in luxury? Check out their site to see what current vacations they are giving away for free! 


Another travel sweepstakes I just recently found online is called Ultra Contest! On their site, they mention the best and highest value of free vacations and contests online. I suggest you check them out, you have nothing to lose - seriously! :) 


If you or someone you know loves Disney, why not try to enter a Disney Sweepstakes vacation! This site called is mostly about Disney vacations, sweepstakes and contests - they update their s ite often and who knows you could be on your way to a fantastic Disney getaway!


For now, those are all the travel sweepstakes I try to enter when I can.  I will be sure to add more on this list if I find legitimate ones as well. I wish you good luck and hope you win a free vacation of a lifetime!


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