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Things I like.... 

There are so many cool things I like. But let's make this list more about things that make me happy or can't live without.

First off, traveling! Traveling is my passion. I am looking forward to every travel moment that I may have. Who doesn't like to travel? If so, you're missing out! There's so much to see in the world, so many places to explore and so many cultures to adore! Plus traveling doesn't have to cost you a fortune! Check out some of the most affordable destinations you can look forward to by clicking here.


Can't you picture yourself just hanging out at the beach the whole day, week or even months! That's life for me right there...

Another thing I love or what makes me happy are books! Books are my favorite past time, especially on a rainy day, a plane ride or even just to set the mood. Books are awesome! Oh and did I tell you I am also a children's book author? If you have little nephews and nieces or know of any children who loves to read, check out my books! I love writing rhyming motivational, inspirational and even ghost stories for young readers! 


Another thing I like is the fresh smell of the ocean, or just seeing the waves crash.  I love everything about nature, especially anything with the sight of a large body of water.  Let's just say I love the beach! It would make sense because I did grow up sunny San Diego, California.


Isn't this view just so relaxing? Yes, indeed it sure is. That's why the beach, the ocean - whatever you may call it is on the top of my some of the things I like list.

I also like scary stories. Scary stories have always kept me interested and kept me awake. I don't know what it is about hearing scary stories such as listening to haunted podcasts and even visiting a haunted site, I believe it's just the thrill knowing that the place has ghosts residing within them. If you would love to listen to some cool ghost stories podcasts, definitely reach out to me via my contact page and I can recommend some for you to listen to. You will love them!


Have you heard of a podcast called "Anything Ghost" by Lex Wahl. I recommend checking him out. You can find him on Podcasts if you have an Iphone or have Itunes or search for him online and he will definitely be listed on the search engine. Click here to listen to his Anything Ghost podcast. Don't get hooked!

I also like Christmas time! Christmas time is my most favorite holiday of the year. You would be surprised that I am not really into Halloween since I do love ghost stories, but I'm not a fan of Halloween really. But Christmas - yes! I'm a big time fan of the red and green holiday. It's just the most wonderful time of the year!  


I know for most, Christmas is about the presents, gifts and the things they receive! For me, Christmas is being able to spend more quality time with the people that matter the most to you.  That for me is a true holiday gift!

What else do I like? Well, let's not forget that I like or let's just say I love quotes.  Inspirational quotes, reality quotes, uplifting quotes, and especially travelling quotes are my favorites!  Check out my list of my travel quotes by clicking here.  Why do I like quotes? Honestly, when I have a bad day or just feel out of tune, I sometimes go to Pinterest and look for some quotes to uplift my mood. Hey, it works most of the time! Check out some of my favorite quotes here on my Pinterest.  


Like that quote in that picture, you see how it says "Never stop dreaming!" Absolutely true! Please never stop. Dreams absolutely do come true! 

Ooh, let's not forget that I really like photos, taking pictures, or let's just say - anything related to photography. For me, keeping those memories forever is my main lifetime goal. I have always been into photography ever since high school and yes, I was actually in a photography class. I love taking pictures and it's because you can just look at a picture and go back into time and remember everything about that actual picture. Well, that's just me, since I have a very detailed visual long term memory about things. Pictures are definitely forever, especially when you have a child that you want to pass down your memories to. Check out some of my favorite travel pictures from over the years here.  


Photos are memories that last a lifetime. Do you agree?

Another thing I can't forget to leave out is that I love love love music! What fun is life if there is no music? Music is definitely on my most important things that I like list! I can't live without music. I need to hear music even when I'm just relaxing, when I'm driving, when I'm traveling on a plane, it's with me everywhere. I have been a music lover since I was in diapers! 


Don't believe me? Listen to some of my playlist of music on my Soundcloud account by clicking here or by following me on my Pandora account. Music is definitely life!

I also adore and love my Chai Tea Latte. No, it doesn't necessarily have to be from Starbucks or a grand coffee shop. I am not really a coffee lover. I would say I'm more into tea than I am into coffee, but for me Chai Tea Latte is my absolute favorite!  


I love this brand called Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte.  You can buy it also from Amazon.  It's so good! 

Let us not forget that I like macaroon, the French macaroon ones.  They are just so yummy! Now, I need to learn how to make these cute things!  


You see how cute they are? That's why I love them! Plus, they are so delicious too.

When I travel, I don't forget to buy the magnet of the country I visited. I am so in love with travel magnets. I have a whole lot of travel magnets on my refrigerator and I don't regret buying any one of them.  It adds to my collection.  Travel magnets are so awesome.  


Some people call me crazy when they see my refrigerator! But hey, it's okay because I'm a happy camper!

There are so many more things that I like, love and even adore. But I will be sure to put them on this page as the time permits. How about you? What are your likes or loves in your daily life? Feel free to message me or comment and share with the world! Thanks for reading this page!



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