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Most Affordable Destinations

Vacations don't have to cost you a fortune.  It's all about planning and making sure it fits your budget.  When you plan a trip, you want to make sure it's convenient for you and not a burden on your wallet.  Here are a few vacation trips you may want to consider when starting off on your new vacation bucket list.  You ready?  Here we go! These are what I call budget friendly vacations. First timers? You can definitely start from my list here. These sites offer some of the best vacation and package deals from all over the world. You just need to choose your destination trip based on your affordable budget! LOL! 


I don't know what it is, but this website called Cheap Carribean offers plenty of affordable vacation packages in and around the Carribean! They have destinations such as Los Cabos, Mexico to Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, Dominican Republic and even Jamaica as well as some awesome deals from the Cayman Islands on their site. I would definitely give them a look here!  I have been to Los Cabos, Mexico and Cancun, Mexico and both had its own charming beauty!  If you are on a budget and would love to check out some Mexican atmosphere, this website has all the good deals!


I have always been a fan of this travel site.  They have some incredible deals from around the globe!  About 27 million members can't be wrong.  Travelzoo has become a popular venue for great savings, as the site has partnered with over 2,000 companies.  Travelzoo's search capabilities are breathtaking, and you can even use multiple search engines to track down the best offers.  Learn more of Travelzoo here.  


It's a surprise but this is actually one of my favorite go to sites when I want to get ideas or inspiration of traveling to a certain place.  This site has it all!  Travel and Leisure gives you fantastic tips and interesting destinations that one may go to and you would be surprised at how affordable some of these vacation packages are.  I recommend taking a look and checking out for yourselves! You never know,of an accommodation.  They give you tips and suggestions in accommodations you may stay at and even what countries you can visit! It's all up to you. The world is your oyster! To view some of the most affordable, but luxury vacations, you can click here.  


Last but not least, let me tell you about Google Flights. You can never go wrong with!  

Google Flights allows you to set certain parameters when you search. Although many services let you modify your search options, Google Flights is particularly good at it.  For fly-by-night tourists, its most impressive feature is searching within a date range. Suppose you want to travel somewhere in Africa in October. You can select the dates you're available, and Google will figure out the best days and destinations for you.  It's that simple.  To start searching for cheap affordable flights to your dream trip, you may start here.  

Still don't know where to go?

Here are more destinations that you can plan on going to also, just in case you run out of ideas. 

If you are looking for the best and cheapest places to travel and explore, look no further. These locations from around the world are perfect to visit without breaking the bank. It has never been this easy to travel on a budget!



White sand beaches, world class surfing, the best scuba diving in the world and some of the most picturesque jungle and rice paddy scenery, Indonesia is without a doubt one of our favourite countries on Earth.

Currently Indonesia is one of the most affordable places that we know about. 1 US dollar will get you around 13,500 rupiah, which is much better than 5 years ago when you’d only get 9,050 rupiah to the dollar.



India is one of the most exhilarating travel destinations on earth. Chaotic and tranquil. Pristine and filthy. Friendly and furious. Free and frustrating. India is the epitome of all the oxymoronic experiences that make travel so amazing.  

While India is likely the most exciting and bewildering place to travel, it’s also probably the cheapest. Thanks to the Indian Rupee currently trading at 64 to the dollar (a full 28% better than when we last visited in 2012), India is likely the best place to travel if you want to stretch your dollars, euros or pounds.

Depending on what class of train and bus you take, getting around India can be unbelievably affordable, with a train from Mumbai to Kolkata covering 1,968 km and taking over 30 hours costs just $11!



If you’re looking for a cheap destination to visit in the Caribbean, then Cuba tops the list! You can travel here on an all-inclusive, but if you choose to travel to Cuba independently, you’ll have a far richer experience and it’ll cost you less. For cheap countries, Cuba is one of your best bets.

Stunning beaches, a unique Caribbean and Spanish vibe, tasty cooking (contrary to belief), friendly people and incredibly landscapes, Cuba is a diverse country that needs to be on your list.  Staying in casa particulares with the local families is what Cuba is all about. This is the best way to meet the people and enjoy an authentic experience.  


Activities can be fairly cheap in Cuba as well, with chilling out on beaches and wandering around the stunning and bustling streets costing you nothing. Museum visits, caving, horseback riding and other tours will cost between $5 – $30. The cost of Cuba is incredibly affordable, making it one of the cheapest countries you’ll visit.

South Africa


One of the most adventure packed and naturally blessed countries on Earth, this list wouldn’t be complete without our favourite country in Africa. South Africa offers visitors too much to see in any trip under 6 months. With a rugged and stunning coastline, incredible wildlife, extremely friendly people, tasty Indi-afro fusion food, decent roads and great prices, you really can’t beat SA.



Lovely guest houses and beach huts right on the sand for as little as $15 / night, spicy and mouthwatering Thai dishes for under $2 a plate, and scuba diving for under $20 a dive makes Thailand a constant competitor as one of the cheapest countries in the world.  

Your biggest expense when travelling in Thailand (depending on where you’re coming from) will likely be your flight, but once there you can enjoy an incredibly low cost of living and the warmth of the local people that has made this place famous.



Greek food is incredibly delicious and you can usually get tasty seafood meals in restaurants for under $8. On top of the already great value, Greek restaurant owners and chefs have a habit of offering their patrons freebies, like free wine, appetizers and desserts. Whenever you’re leaving a traditional Greek restaurant in Greece, you’ll be fat and full and so will your wallet.

All-in-all, Greece offers the best value for money in all of Europe and considering its location on the map and the level of quality you find here, it also competes as one of the best value travel destinations on Earth.



A lot of people think the South Pacific is filled with expensive islands and resorts but Fiji, despite the high cost of the water bottles that bear its name, is actually a backpacker budget paradise filled with hostels, affordable guesthouses, inexpensive cuisine and stunning beaches.




It does not cost a small fortune to stay in the country of Cambodia and people will feel like they are getting quite a bit for the little amount that they are paying.  This country is considered the best destination for backpackers or people looking for luxurious resorts without a huge price tag.  A double room at one of these resorts will cost as low as £50 per night, which is way less than anywhere else in the world.  While in Cambodia, travelers will want to visit the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park and the Angkor Wat Temple. 



A person could spend as little as £10 per day in this country and that would include their accommodations, food, transport, and a drink or two.  The best cities to visit include Hanoi, Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Da Lat, and Ho Chi Minh City.  Each city has something to unique to offer, whether it is patisseries, flower farms, cashew nut plantations, rice terraces, or local tofu factories.



It will cost people a little more to visit and stay in Argentina, but the attractions and the beauty make the additional costs worthwhile.  Buenos Aires is the capital and it is even possible to vacation there without spending too much as long as a person stays away from all the exclusive destinations.  £40 per day is all a person needs to spend if they stay at a budget hotel in the city and dine at reasonable restaurants.  The best place for delicious food at a cheap price is the area of San Telmo.  The Bohemian vibe keeps everyone happy and it is not as crowded as the more tourist packed Recoleta district. 

So, what are your thoughts?

These are a few of the cheaper countries that a person can visit while they are traveling the world.  There are many other countries out there to see though, and if people are creative enough, they should be able to see all of them without spending more than they want. 

I am sure there are many more.  Let me know your thoughts and comments if you have suggestions for any other affordable travel.  I would love to hear more! 

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