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Travel Podcasts

There is nothing better to do while traveling than listening to podcasts about travel.  These podcasts contain a wealth of information that people can use during their time on vacation or they can tuck that info away and use it when they are planning their next adventure.


Here are some of the best travel podcasts I chose to listen to while traveling! I hope you enjoy them! 


Amateur Traveler


Amateur Traveler is a collection of more than five hundred travel podcasts, so there is something for everyone.  Each one of the podcasts contains an interview of a person that has either traveled to a location, lives in a certain location, or wrote a book about a specific place in the world.


Season Pass


Anyone who loves visiting theme parks will want to listen to the more than three hundred podcasts on the Season Pass podcast site.  These podcasts are done by three men who absolutely love theme parks and each one is dedicated to specific rides, attractions, and theme parks.  Certain podcasts even feature guest hosts.  


Indie Travel


Craig and Linda are a couple that decided that they were going to work while traveling the world.  They began more than ten years ago and they have created more than three hundred podcasts that document their journey.  The themes of their podcasts vary from themed episodes to location guides to how to eat healthy while traveling.


National Geographic Weekend


There are more than one thousand podcasts to listen to from National Geographic Weekend and Boyd Matson has made them quite unique by including many different things into each one.  Every podcast is in radio format, but that doesn’t take away from the information that is being shared.


Travel Tales


Learning about different places around the world cannot be any more thrilling when a person is listening to a comedian tell the tales.  Mike Siegel is a comedian, but his second love is traveling and his podcasts include some of the funny stories that he has come across talking to fellow travelers.  These stories can convince just about anyone that their vacations haven’t been as bad as they thought!


Extra Pack of Peanuts


These podcasts are almost always at the top of iTunes most listened to list.  Heather and Travis have been doing these for a while and they add enthusiasm to each one.  Many of their podcasts focus on a nice mix of exotic locations as well as how to finance vacations.


These podcasts can keep a person entertained for hours while they are traveling anywhere in the world.  Many of them are amusing, but all of them are packed full of important information that people need to know about destinations around the world.


Turn your next vacation into an adventure with the help of these amazing podcasts! 

Do you have any recommendations for travel podcasts? I would love to hear from you or comment below.



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