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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I create my site?


To be honest, I have been wanting to create a site dedicate to my travels, but haven't had the time to do so with such a crazy hectic and busy life. I want to document the countries I have been to just cause I feel like if I'm no longer living, it would've been a waste if I at least didn't get to say my experience about the sights and places I have seen. Also, I created this site to give my fellow travelers some tips and advice as to how to make their traveling life much simpler! I hope you find my site helpful in terms of traveling, and I hope it will give you an idea of where to start especially if you are thinking about traveling to that dream destination.


What are your travel goals? Are you planning to travel every country on the map?


To be honest, there are countries that are on my bucket list right now that I have been wanting to visit, but as far as to traveling to every country on the map, no. Countries such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and all those other places where terrorist bombings occur, of course not. Not even North Korea, as much as interesting this country may be, no thanks. As long as I am able to travel to most of the countries in the seven continents, I am good! 


How are you able to afford travel? 


I am not rich. I don't owe a business. I didn't inherit a large amount of money.  I am just a regular individual making ends meet by working a 9-5 job.  But to be frank with you, I have been wanting to travel since I was in my highschool years. I worked part time jobs and saved and saved. I started saving really early.  I made it a habit to put away a few hundred bucks every month and it became my inspiration that some day I will be able to travel the world with that money I have been saving.  Now, I made it happen and I am still craving to see and explore new places.  It never stops. The wanderlust anxiety of wanting to travel. 


What about travel is what you love the most?


Anything and everything travel is what I think about most of the time.  I always think of destinations I am planning on visiting and how I am able to get there. What I love most about traveling is the freedom - the freedom to escape my everyday life.  There is something about traveling that does that.  When you travel, you are in a different mindset and the rush of happiness you feel is exciting because I am in a different part of the world.  Second to that, I love traveling because I get to soak in the sights, the country's wind breeze, especially meeting new people along the way who I have become lifetime friends with. 


What would you recommend for first time travelers or those who are planning on traveling?


For first time travelers, I recommend really saving up and planning very carefully for your destination. I usually take 3-6 months in advance in planning before I go on my vacation.  Also, shop for affordable travel deals and look for the best time to travel based on your situation and schedule.  Compare at least 4-5 travel sites that offer the best travel deals, so that you know what type of budget you are looking at spending and if it fits your needs.  You can take a look at my Travel and Resources page to give you an idea of what websites to look at when you are shopping for accommodations, airfare and activities that you plan to do on your trip. I would even recommend writing down an itinerary of what you plan to do daily to keep yourself organized.  Also, be aware of your destinations current weather so that you know what to pack on your trip. Remember pack light, that's the key! You don't need so much stuff to enjoy a vacation, you just need the important things that you will "actually" use.  Check my checklist page for both men and women to see what you must bring in your suitcase.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me! I'm here.

What was your worst travel experience?


I have had many and I am not gonna lie, traveling is not always cherry blossoms!  One particular incident I can remember is when I flew on Air China, and no I am not bad mouthing them, but my experience with them was horrible! They lost a pair of my luggages and I didn't get them 3 days later once I landed in the Philippines.  It was a crazy, upsetting story!  I had everything there, my personal belongings, my son's baby clothing and diapers, and pretty much all the travel necessities that I packed - all gone for a few days!  So I wore the same shirt and pants for 3 days, which was terrible! I just washed my clothes daily so that I had something to wear the next day so I didn't smell all sweaty. I had to buy stuff again like personal hygiene stuff because most of them were in my luggage. So my advice is always have a mini toiletry bag with travel size bottles of shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush and even an extra set of clothes just in case you will ever have to encounter the type of situation I had.  I'm sure it won't happen to you! :) What happened to me that time was bad luck. 


What is your most favorite travel destination and why?


This is a hard question to answer because all my travels were my favorite! Just kidding! Actually, I really loved Bora Bora and Sydney, Australia.  Beautiful places! I love anything beach and tropical and Bora Bora did have that and so much more!  Hawaii is beautiful too, but the water colors in Bora Bora are astoundingly gorgeous! Nothing I have ever seen around the world.  I love Sydney, because the buildings are so exaggeratedly big and the weather is pretty amazing!  It's like another San Diego (my hometown) to me, because there are so much things to do and the vibe is just what I've been looking for. 


Do you usually travel alone or with other people?


I have traveled alone and it's pretty cool. I don't mind doing things solo, but I would rather have another travel buddy or travel buddies just for safety measures. It's also good to have a travel buddy with you, just in case you faint or something medically goes wrong - you never know right?  But to answer this question, I normally travel with my mom and of course my baby boy Michael.  If it's not with my mom, I have a few travel buddies who I've known forever that I like traveling with.  As much as I would like to disclose their names, I won't for confidential purposes. :)


Are you planning on becoming a digital nomad? 


I'm sure you've seen plenty of them online, where they travel and still work at the same time. Why not? Of course I would like to be a digital nomad, but currently my situation won't allow me to do that because I have an adorable toddler to care for! He needs me right now. :) I am actually looking into becoming one, but not anytime soon.  I am still in the process and seeing my options as we speak. 


For those of you who don't know what a digital nomad is, a digital nomad is an individual who is always on the go, and they are always traveling, usually for months, even sometimes for up to a year; what they call their homes are their hotel rooms, a hostel, a beach, it all varies. The different destinations they end up with all depends with the digital nomad companies they are affiliated with. They can stay for a few days in a certain country then move to another country for another few months and so forth.  Their main gadgets are their laptops because this is their only way of communicating with their employers and employees and how they make a source of income. For me, I find this pretty awesome. For more information on becoming a digital nomad, click here.


What do you do besides traveling? 


Travel is my life, but I have hobbies and interests too. :)  As far as my hobbies go, I love dancing and singing, working out when time allows me to, hiking, watching movies and most especially being with my baby boy.  He is what keeps me busy now a days.  I will admit, traveling with a baby is challenging, but for me, that won't hinder me from my travel plans. I actually love traveling with my son even though he may be young right now, but do you know when you travel with a baby 2 and under, you only pay for tax on the airplane when they are sitting in your lap during the flights?! It's a pretty good deal! So for my fellow parent travelers with little ones, take advantage of that.  :) I have also bought my baby his own seat on flights before, especially when its those long international flights, but when I am on a flight that's a domestic 2-3 hour ride, I just have him as a lap baby.  My baby boy loves airplane travels, because he normally just sleeps through them.  At first, he wasn't used to it and would get fussy the whole entire flight, but overtime he learned to love it!  Traveling with your little ones can be an experience of a lifetime too! I keep all my photos with my baby traveling with me, I still look at them till this day and realize how priceless those memories are. My baby started traveling with me at 4 months old,  but before we did, I made sure I got all his vaccinations up to date and asked for my doctors advice. 


Any other questions you would like to ask me, please do! (Fill in the form below with your info and questions and I will be more than happy to reply back to you.)  I'm sure there are still other questions some of you may have, and I don't mind if you ask away. Wish you safe journeys my fellow jet setters! 


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