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Useful Travel Websites

1.  Kayak


This website allows travelers to book their hotels, flights, and rental cars in one place while saving hundreds of dollars.  Kayak has a feature that shows when prices have been rising as well as declining, so people can choose whether it is the best time to make their purchase.  Another wonderful feature includes the email travel alerts that everyone can sign up for, so they will know when deals are available for where they want to go.


2.  Trip Advisor


Almost everyone has heard of Trip Advisor, because they have been around for quite some time.  The entire site is based on traveler’s reviews and that platform has made it the largest travel website in the world.  This is the perfect website for people to use when they want to see what people have to say about hotels, restaurants, local attractions, and more.  It is simple to search for any of these items and people just need to put in their destination and what they are looking for.


3.  Trip Hobo


Trip Hobo will allow a person to enter their destination and the attractions that they want to see and then the website will create an itinerary that is efficient and organized.  There is even a feature that allows people to see what others have done while in a certain place and create their own itinerary using a couple of ideas from multiple users.  These itineraries can be shared with others and changed accordingly.


4.  Tripomatic


Tripomatic allows people to create an itinerary by adding their destination and then clicking on attractions that pop up on a map.  This website also tells everyone a description of the attraction, the hours of operation, and any important info that includes a phone number, website, and Facebook page.


5.  Planapple


People can forget about making lists for upcoming vacations when they start to use Planapple.  This website is one big notepad that people can fill with ideas, places to visit, hotels, and more.  These notes can be shared and updated by others and when the time arrives for the big trip, everyone can create their itinerary and share it with others.


These five websites can change the way a person plans and prepares for their vacations.  No one will ever need to worry about finding their vacation notepad or those loose papers that they wrote ideas and prices down on, because they can keep it all in one place online.  Many of the best vacations happen when people plan ahead of time and then organize their time properly, and that can all be done using websites in today’s world.  Sometimes technology can be a wonderful thing……



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