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What to Pack for your Trip

A Guide of What to Pack for a Trip


Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to what they put in a suitcase for travel.  Men will usually throw one or two items into a suitcase and say that they are good to go, while women will pack everything except the kitchen sink.  Of course, during the trip, the men will be at the store picking up the things that they didn’t pack and the women will never wear a quarter of what they took along.


Here is a helpful guide of what people should pack for their next adventure:


Men and Women


The types of clothes that men and women should pack is dependent on where they are going, what the season is at their destination, and what they will be doing.  Everyone needs one outfit per day, unless they plan on changing before going out to dinner.  With that being said, if a person only wears something for a couple hours, they can wear it again during their trip, and save space by not packing more than they need.


·        Shorts, tank tops, t-shirts

·        Dress pants and short sleeve dress shirts

·        Dress or skirt for a woman if she plans on going out to a fancy restaurant

·        Sneakers for walking

·        Sandals for the beach

·        Bathing suit and cover up

·        Jeans and sweatshirts for cooler weather


Traveling with Children


The types of clothing that a child needs is the same as the adults and is dependent on the weather and what they will be doing.


·        Two outfits per day to allow for accidents (unless a washer and dryer is available for use)

·        Favorite blanket or toy (to avoid meltdowns)

·        Diapers and baby wipes (in case favorite/needed brands are not available)

·        Formula and baby food (in case needed types are not available)

·        Specialty foods (if there are allergies)

·        Stroller and car seat


Traveling Solo


Traveling alone can be so much fun, especially when it comes to packing.  There is often more room in the suitcase, yet most people pack lighter when they are heading out on their own.


·        One outfit for each day, unless heading out to a fancy dinner at night

·        Clothing for each activity that they are doing

·        Books, journal, magazines for when relaxation is wanted


There really isn’t a right or a wrong way to pack for vacation, especially since people can purchase anything once they reach their destination.  The most important tip is that people should pack things that they do not think that they can purchase during their vacation.  Anyone with food allergies or food sensitivities should be prepared with foods that they can eat, in case they cannot find something suitable at certain places.  The same goes for babies and their diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food.  Many of these items are available in other countries, but if people are brand loyal or their child has a reaction if they do not use certain types, they will want to make sure that they have enough.


Another tip is for a person to pack twice the amount that they think that they will need before they reach their destination.  A delayed flight or other issue can turn into a nightmare if they do not have enough to get them through their time of travel.

If you need help with what to pack, check out my Travel Checklists and print out some checklist for your next travel adventures!



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