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How to get free flights


Tips for Getting Free Flights


Everyone knows that travel can get expensive, but did you know that your flight is what oftentimes raises that price higher than it needs to be?  Did you also know that there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you never need to pay for airfare ever again? 

No, I am not trying to pull a fast one on you!  It is really true!  There are dozens, well probably hundreds or thousands, of people out there that never pay one single cent for their flights when they travel.  While they put some time into their efforts to achieve this, you can do the same thing every once in a while, if you are limited in time.  However, you may find that the savings that you see is worth the extra time that you need to use. 


Here are 8 tips for getting free flights:


1.  Ignore What You Have Always Been Told


The first thing that you need to do when trying to find free, or even just cheap, flights is to know that you should ignore everything that you have been told all these years!  It is not better to book your flights on Tuesdays and there is no magic rule as to how soon or how late you should book for the best rates.  The airlines have now outsmarted us humans with their complicated algorithms thanks to the help of computers. 


2.  Always Be Flexible


Yes, you may have certain dates that you want to travel, but did you know that you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars if you change your dates as little as a day or two in both directions?  The same goes for destinations.  The more flexible you are, the better off you will be in finding something cheap or that you can get for free. 


3.  Utilize Those Budget Carriers


Budget carriers can be a lifesaver, because they charge much less for the same routes that the non-budget airlines fly.  Add that savings to the savings that you will see using other tips, and you can make out better than you ever thought possible. 


4.  Take Advantage of Airline Miles Rewards


Almost every airline has a reward program and you should sign up for the ones that you are going to use.  That way, each time you fly, you can have miles added to your card.  You can then use those miles for future flights.  There is usually a bonus offer when you first sign up for your rewards card, so your first free flight might happen sooner than you think. 


5.  Take Advantage of Credit Card Points


There are many credit card companies that will allow you to earn points to use for free flights.  You need to utilize these cards carefully and pay them off in full each month or you will find yourself paying more in interest than you would in flights.  However, if you can manage to put all your essential purchases on these cards each month and pay them off in full, you can rack up the airline points rather quickly.  These cards also often offer bonus points when you sign up and make a certain amount of purchases within a certain time period. 


6.  Qualify for Elite Status


If you play the free flight game good enough, you can earn Elite Status for being a frequent traveler.  This status will allow you even more perks that include free checked bags, bonus miles, and seat upgrades.  That means that you can use fewer points for your bags and upgrades and more points for future trips.  The best way to earn this status the fastest is to sign up for a credit card that offers elite qualifying miles.  Just make sure that you follow the rules above, so you do not get in over your head with interest payments. 


7.  Redeem Your Points and Miles Wisely


You may find a flight to a destination that you have always wanted to go to, which is great, especially if you have the points or miles that you need to get there for free.  However, would it be possible to book three, four, or five trips with that same amount of points or miles?  This can happen and you may find that you are better off waiting for a better deal for the destination of your dreams and taking the multiple trips, as they offer you a better bang for your free buck! 


8.  Volunteer to be Bumped


I know that you may not be too keen on postponing your vacation but getting bumped will allow you to score at least one free flight.  You can even just do this for your return trip home, so you do not lose out on any part of your vacation.  Although you may miss another day of work! 


As you are planning your next vacation, keep these eight tips in mind so you can see if you can manage to get your flight for free.  Of course, if you don’t manage it for that trip, do not give up.  Just keep those points adding up and at some point, you will find yourself flying for free. 

Hope these tips help in getting that free flight! Much love, from your jetsetter friend,

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