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How to Survive Long Flights

How to Survive Long Flights
Flying is the only way people can travel from one country to another quickly and depending on where a person begins and where their destination is, quickly isn’t really all that fast.  For example, a person leaving New York City and flying to Australia will be in the air for a little more than twenty hours.  That number is a little less at approximately seven hours if they are only going to Dublin, however, it is still a lot of time to spend in a small space thousands of feet above the ground. 
There are many things that a person can do in order to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible on these long flights as well as make the entire adventure a little easier. 
Here are some tips for surviving long flights:
·  Book flights early – Anyone who loves sitting in a certain spot in the plane will benefit from purchasing their tickets as early as possible.

·   Use airline miles – A trip like this is the perfect time to cash in on those airline miles and upgrade to a first-class seat where there is more legroom.

·   Prepare for jetlag – Everyone should adjust their schedules when possible before they leave – This might mean spending a couple of days going to bed much later or much earlier than normal and getting up at the normal time for the destination

·   Bring a travel pillow and eye mask for sleeping while on the plane.

·   Dress comfortably for the long flight.

·   Make sure all devices are charged and download a couple of movies in case the on-flight ones are not available or not that fabulous.

·   Bring headphones to listen to movies or music – No point in having a cranky seatmate simply because the headphones were forgotten.

·   Drink water throughout the flight to stay hydrated.

·   Try to drink as little alcohol as possible – too much can keep a person wide awake and make them dehydrated

·   Stretch as often as possible.

·   Pack extra snacks...

·   Only pack what is necessary in carry-on bags to allow for more legroom.

The last bit of advice for surviving long flights is have a lot of patience.  No one really wants to be on these flights, but they are necessary if a person wants to arrive at their destination.  If everyone follows basic etiquette rules, then the entire flight should be bearable for everyone on board. 


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