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How To Survive Long Flights

Long flights are the worst!  While I know that they could be worse, after all I could be spending my time behind the wheel of a car driving, I still am not a fan.  In fact, it has taken me quite some time to relax and relish these hours spent in the air, but I think that I am getting closer to being a pro with long flights.

I am so happy that I can finally share my well-thought out and tried and true tips with you, so that you too, can be a pro at spending hours in the air.


Here are 7 ways to survive long flights:

1.       Stay Hydrated with Water


You may be tempted to order an alcoholic beverage or soda during those longer flights but trust me when I say that you should stick to water.  You can get really dehydrated when flying, especially when you are in the air for hours at a time, and that means that you need to replenish those fluids somehow.  Water is your best option and I recommend drinking at least eight ounces every couple of hours.  If you start to get a headache or your mouth is getting dry, then you’ll know that you are not drinking enough.

2.       Have In-Flight Entertainment Ready


You are going to need to fill those long hours in the air with something, and while you may sleep a few of those hours away, there will be more waiting for you.  The perfect solution for killing some time is in-flight entertainment.  I recommend taking your own device and filling it with movies or television shows that you can binge-watch, because you never know if the plane’s entertainment system will be in working order or not.  All your devices should be fully charged before you board the airplane and it is always an excellent idea to bring an external battery for those necessary in-between charges.  Of course, if you do not like to watch anything when you are flying, you can always pack books and magazines to keep you busy during your flight.

3.       Dress Comfortably in Layers


It can be difficult to determine what to wear during a flight, which is why I always recommend wearing layers.  This ensures that you can take clothes off if you are too warm, but you won’t freeze.  It’s even a good idea to take an extra sweater with you or a small blanket, so you can cover up if you do get cold.  I also wear easy to slip on and off shoes, so that I can remove them when I am sitting.  Just make sure that you wear socks, so your feet don’t get cold!

4.       Prepare for Sleep


Sleeping is not always easy on an airplane, but you can make it easier for you with a little preplanning.  Ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones will block the noise from other passengers, while an eye mask can block the nearby light.  A travel pillow is another excellent idea, as it will help prevent you from getting a cramp in your neck.  This is also where a small blanket can come in handy, as it will make it feel like you are all covered up like you would be in bed.

5.       Bring Plenty of Snacks

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