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Reasons You Should Travel 

Travel can be so much fun, because you can get away from the regular hustle and bustle of your life and forget about everything else.  Or at least that is the goal that we all have when we travel!  However, are you aware that there are many other reasons why you should be traveling to destinations near and far?  I’m sure that you know that there are a few, but in reality, that list can reach one hundred reasons or more!  That’s a lot of reasons to plan your next vacation and get out there exploring!


Here are 8 reasons you should travel:

1.       Step Away from Your Regular Routine


We all love our routines, well, most of the time anyway!  However, traveling is one of the best ways to get out of the rut we are stuck in and switch things up a little.  Sleep in a little longer, stay up a little later, and do things that you normally wouldn’t do!

2.       Discover Who You Truly Are


You may think that you know who you are, but I know that you will surprise yourself when you discover something new!  When you travel, you often do something different, and those new activities can give you a clue of who you have been hiding all these years.  Travel is an excellent time to discover that you have all these incredible talents, which you can then use to become the person you are meant to be!

3.       You Learn So Much More


When you are traveling to new destinations, you are going to be continuously learning about those areas and the people who live there.  This type of learning is much better than anything that you would get out of a textbook in school, as we all know that hands-on learning is always the best.  Take the time to learn a new language, try new foods, discover different traditions, and learn about new cultures when you are traveling.  You will be a well-rounded person who is full of new skills and insights on life.

4.       Become More Open-Minded


I understand that you are not a closed-minded person, however, something happens to everyone once they have been out exploring the world more.  They seem to become more accepting and more open-minded than ever before.  Imagine being more acceptable of new ideas, as you view the world from a different perspective.

5.       Appreciate Everything that You Have


As you travel from one area of the world to another, you will come to appreciate everything that you have in your life.  You may only have a one-bedroom house that is smaller than you will want, but if it is larger than the shacks that have no electricity in the village you just visited, you may begin to feel luckier than those villagers.  We all get so caught up in material things that it is easy to lose sight of what truly matters in our lives, and travel can remind us of it all.

6.       Strengthen Your Relationship


Relationships with family members and friends can only blossom when you spend time traveling together.  The time that you spend together will create a bond that you can cherish for years in the future.  This bond is often lost during the busyness of our lives, which is why regular travel is always necessary to find it once again.

7.       Rejuvenation


I know that I do not always take the time to get rejuvenated and refreshed when I am at home, so I am wondering if you do?  I am thinking that the answer to that question is going to be no.  I personally, always feel guilty if I am not checking one more thing off my to-do list at home, but when I travel, I feel all those obligations slip away.  That is why traveling can help all of us feel rejuvenated and relaxed.  The best part is that we will perform our jobs much better when we return home.

8.       Make Memories


Every travel adventure is full of memories, which is why we should all make as many as we can!  I always look back at what I have done during past vacations and then wonder what amazing things every future vacation will hold.  While not every part of each one of my travel adventures is full of fun and laughter, I try to embrace every second of it.  That means I do not discount the terrible memories of each trip, which includes missed flights, broken shoes, sunburns, terrible cuisine, rude people, and more.  While those things were horrible, they are still memorable, maybe more than I would like them to be, and they shaped the rest of my travels.  I managed to turn them all into learning experiences that only enhanced the rest of the memories that I have made over the years.  I encourage you to do the same!

These eight reasons and more have helped keep me traveling over the years and I know that they will get you up and ready to pack as well!  If you haven’t booked your next trip yet, get a move on, if for nothing else than to experience the rest and relaxation that you will get while you are gone!

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