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The Future of Travel after the pandemic

The last year has been quite challenging for those of us who love to travel. We haven’t been able to pack our suitcases and jet off to faraway, or even close, destinations like we have in the past. Thankfully, there is good news on the horizon and the days when travel can be done again are getting closer. Of course, you will notice a few changes with future travel, including wearing the masks we are all finally getting used to. 


Changes with Future Travel


The guidelines are always changing when it comes to travel and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Therefore, you will want to keep up to date with any new changes, as we move forward. 


Local Destinations


Right now, it is easiest to travel to local destinations. This is the time to check out those nearby towns and cities that you have been longing to see. You may want to consider day trips at first and take your hand sanitizer with you. 


However, if you are longing for those overnights, do not be afraid to stay at a hotel. All the hotels, motels, and resorts are taking extreme measures to keep their guests safe! When you enter a hotel or resort, you will notice there are hand sanitizer stations everywhere. You will have your temperature taken, but you might not know it, thanks to updated technology. 


Most check-ins and check-outs are done through your smartphone. You can even use your smartphone as the key to your room in many hotels and resorts. 


Cross Country Destinations


If you are itching to get further away from home, you should definitely consider traveling somewhere else in the country. You can choose to drive your car to those destinations. But you should also feel safe with the guidelines in place for air and train travel. 


There are so many places to see across the US, so embrace them during this time! I mentioned the measures hotels and resorts are taking above. Those measures are the same across the country. 


You will also know that preventative measures are being taken at all the attractions across the US. You may be required to purchase your tickets online in advance to guarantee a visit to some attractions on a specific day. All attractions will also have their own guidelines you must follow during your visit. You can find these guidelines on their websites, as well as posted upon your arrival. 


International Travel


It may be some time before we can travel internationally again, but it will happen! Currently, there are guidelines in place that require you to have a negative COVID test before you are allowed to board a plane back to the US. This is one of the guidelines that will most likely change a little, as more and more people are vaccinated. 


Some countries may require proof of vaccination before they allow travelers into their country. However, since the vaccine process is still so new, those guidelines are not even close to being written yet. I still would like to mention it though, because it is a real possibility when it comes to future travel. 


As you are planning your future international travel, you will want to make sure you pack a few extras into your suitcase. Hand sanitizer will always be a must for future travel. Disinfectant wipes are also going to be a necessity for cleaning seats in airports, trays on airplanes, and even hotel rooms. While those areas are cleaned regularly, you will feel safer if you give them a cleaning too. 


You may also want to plan your trips during the off-peak seasons, so you can social distance and avoid the crowds. 




Travel is going to look different in the future. But it will still be here for us to enjoy! So, make the best of it and plan those trips that you can take now and dream about the others until you can!

Much love, from your jetsetter friend,

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