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London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom The city of London is part of the United Kingdom and can be found in the Southeastern section of the island of Great Britain. The Thames River goes right through the city, although it doesn’t take up as much space as it did many years ago when the river was much larger than it is now. The weather in London is warm and mild during the summer months and the winters are cool and damp. The city is known as being rainy, however, it receives less precipitation throughout the year than other major cities like New York City, Rome, and Sydney. London is essentially separated into two sections including the West End and the East End. On the West End, people will find many shopping districts as well as multiple entertainment venues. The East End is where the Port of London is located and the area has been one of the poorest sections for many years. Over forty percent of the city has either green space or open water, which is a wonderful feature for visitors and the people who live there. There are more than 2,000 different species of flowers and plants that grow in the city and the Thames River is full of over a hundred different types of fish. Throughout the city, people will see water birds, and different types of amphibians and mammals. One of the most seen animals is the fox, because there are said to be at least sixteen of them living within every square mile of the city. Here are some interesting and unique facts about the city of London: · The Palace of Westminster is the largest palace in the country and it has eight bars, six restaurants, 1,000 rooms, 100 staircases, 11 courtyards, a rifle shooting range, and a hair salon.

· No one is allowed to die inside the Palace of Westminster, because it is illegal to do so.

· Big Ben is not the actual clock that sits in London, but the bell inside the clock that chimes.

· Back in medieval times, there was one street that was licensed for prostitution, and its name, Cock Lane, is still in place.

· Charles Dickens lived in many homes, but only one is still standing. 48 Doughty Street, where he lived from 1837 until 1839, is now a museum. This is where he wrote The Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist.

· The author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, gifted the copyright of the book to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. They now receive all the royalties from everything associated with Peter Pan.

· Some famous people who lived in London at one time or another include Edgar Allen Poe, Ho Chi Minh, Vincent Van Gogh, Sigmund Freud, and Hitler’s older half-brother.

· A plague pit was built in 1665 under where the Aldgate station is now located. It is said that more than 1,000 bodies are buried there. London is a charming city to visit and there is a good chance that anyone who is there on vacation will have the opportunity to see at least one member of the Royal family as they step out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Although, the city has plenty to offer even if that sighting is not possible.

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