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France - something about this place...


Millions of people travel to the country of France every year and while many of them are just interested in seeing this beautiful country, others are there celebrating their love for their significant other. France is a popular honeymoon destination, especially the city of Paris, and couples can be seen walking the streets as they lovingly embrace at all hours of the day.

The country itself is known for its food, wine, history, culture, and especially its fashion. The weather is dependent on the region, but it is mostly cool or cold in the winter and warm during the summer months.

The language in most of the country is French, but as with all languages, there are some variations when local words are used. Alsatian, Langue d’Oc, Breton, Basque, Provencal, and a type of Italian are also spoken in certain regions.

The French are quite polite and they will act differently with people who are not as polite as they should be. It is recommended that people begin conversations with a Bonjour and greet everyone as they enter a place as well as say good bye when they leave.

Interesting and Unique Facts about France:

· The country has six sides and is therefore referred to as the hexagon

· The shortest reign of King was twenty minutes and Louis XIX had that honor

· A person in France can legally marry a dead person

· No supermarket in France can throw away unsold food – instead they must donate it

· The first artificial heart transplant in the world was done in France

· The first face transplant in the world was also done in France

· French wine can be very pricey – a bottle of DCR Romanee-Conti wine sold for over EUR 1.45m

· The Tour de France has taken place for more than 100 years

· Children stick paper fish to peoples’ backs on April 1st – this tradition began during the 16th century when King Charles XIV changed the calendar

· The oldest recorded human voice is French

· Approximately 75 million people visit France every year

· One in five people in France suffer from depression

· According to the 2003 Durex Global Sex Study, the French have the most sex every year

· French President Charles de Gaulle has survived 32 assassination attempts – the most of anyone in the world

· Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in Rouen in 1431 – she was 17 years old

· The bikini was created by designer Jacques Heim and automotive engineer Louis Réard in 1946 – they almost called it the atom instead

France is a beautiful country and people can spend weeks traveling from one city to another as they explore the countryside along the way.

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