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Sydney, Australia - Glad I'm here!

My Spectacular Trip to Sydney, Australia

Many people will say that Australia is just too far away from where they live and that there is no way that they will get on a plane and spend hours in the air until they finally reach their destination. And this is where I would tell these people that they are a little crazy, because Australia is the place that dreams are made of. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, which is on the East Coast of Australia, and when I was there I was able to see the beauty of both the Blue Mountains and the world’s largest natural harbor, which made that long plane ride very well worth it.

Before I get into too many details about my trip, I want to remind people that the seasons in Australia are the opposite of what they are in the United States. Over in Australia, winter arrives in June or July and summer begins in December or January. Therefore, you will want to plan your trip accordingly, because there is nothing worse than packing bathing suits and shorts and arriving during the coldest days of the winter months, simply because you forgot about this one tiny detail.

One of my favorite things that I did while I was in Sydney was walk along the infamous Sydney Harbour. While walking along the shoreline, I was able to see sights like the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Opera House. The Sidney Harbour Bridge nearly took my breath away as I looked at it towering over the water below. While viewing the harbour from these vantage points was amazing, the view that I saw from Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair was even better and I recommend that everyone travels there for the best photo ops.

Bondi Beach has the best waves, so this is where I saw a lot of professional surfers. In between watching them, I found myself strolling along the sand and swimming in the water, before collapsing on my beach towel to rest and soak in the sun’s rays. After a fun filled day at the beach, I walked to the numerous shops and boutiques that are in the area for some much-needed souvenir shopping.

While the beaches were my absolute favorite, I also found myself enjoying myself inside the Australian National Maritime Museum. There are fourteen ships that are docked out in Darling Harbour and people can go on each and every one to explore and see how the sailors lived while they were on the ships. In addition to the ships, there is a museum filled with exhibits including x-rays of fish, pirates, and more.

I could have stayed in Australia for a month and still not have seen the best of the best in the country. There is just that much to do! I can say that if I ever do get the chance to take that long plane ride again, I will do it in a heartbeat, because I loved the country that much! AND I know that you all will love it as well!

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