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Istanbul, Turkey - beautiful country!


The country of Turkey is officially known as the Republic of Turkey and is located in Eurasia. This country is bordered by eight other countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Nakhchivan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. People have lived in Turkey since the Paleolithic times.

Ninety-seven percent of this transcontinental country is Asian Turkey, while the other three percent is European Turkey. There are three seas that surround three of the country’s sides and they are the Aegean, the Black, and the Mediterranean.

Turkey is quite focused on wildlife, nature, and history and while in the country people can visit forty national parks, 189 nature parks, thirty-one nature preserves, eighty wildlife protection areas, and 109 nature monuments.

Some areas of Turkey have hot and dry summers with cool and wet winters, but other areas find that they have warm and wet summers with cold and wet winters. The winters in the Eastern plateau are the worst with temperatures reaching negative twenty to negative forty degrees Fahrenheit.

The majority of the locals speak Turkish, but others speak Kurdish, Arabic, and Zaza. There are also seventeen other languages that have been spoken in the past but are well on their way to being endangered and even extinct.

The culture in Turkey is a combination of elements from the Turkic, Anatolian, Ottoman, and Western cultures. They strive to have a culture that includes the more modern Western states while continuing their traditional historical and religious values.

Interesting and Unique Facts about Turkey:

· The Trojan Wars were held in Western Turkey and the infamous Trojan horse can be found now be found there

· Catalhoyuk is the oldest human settlement and it was settled during the 7th millennium B.C.

· Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey

· The tulips that made the Dutch famous were from the Turks

· Europeans were introduced to coffee by the Turks

· Homer, King Midas, Herodotus, and St. Paul the Apostle were born in Anatolia

· Turkey has some of the oldest and largest malls in the world

· Chicken is part of the delicious dessert Tavuk Göğsü – it is made with boiled chicken, milk, and sugar, and dusted with cinnamon

· Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas was born in Patara, Turkey – quite far from the North Pole

· There are more than 130 mountain peaks that reach more than 9,800 feet

· People can cross to other continents underground while visiting Turkey

· Oil wrestling is a national sport

· Turkey has at least 10,000 plant species

· The country also has at least 80,000 animal species

· Turkish is an easy language to learn – well maybe except for the word Muvaffakiyetsizlestiricilestiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmissinizcesine’ – which is said to be the longest Turkish word

Turkey is a wonderful place to visit, especially for people who love nature, flowers, and wildlife. It is also a great place for people to see as part of a worldwide vacation, because it is centrally located between many other amazing countries.

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