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Cancun, Mexico - this has always been on my bucket list!

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a city in Southeastern Mexico and it is located on the Northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is the most popular tourist destination in the country of Mexico, mainly because it is located on the Caribbean Sea and the sun and the sand is quite welcoming. The city was just a basic city until 1970 when the first resort was built and since then the number of resorts have grown tremendously to keep up with all the visitors.

Scattered throughout Cancun are several small Mayan civilizations including El Rey, El Meco, Coba, Muyil, Tulum, and Chichen Itza. Most people visiting the country will go to as many of these Mayan civilization ruins as possible. The weather in Cancun is quite beautiful all year long, but while the temperatures are usually warm, there are some months that are rainier than others. It is humid throughout the year as well, but it gets higher during the months of May through September due to the hurricane season. Hurricane season is also when it rains the most in the city.

Interesting and Unique Facts about Cancun

· Three residents lived in Cabo during 1970 – now more than a half million people call Cancun home

· Cancun used to be known as Ekab which means Black Earth

· Seven miles of sand has been added to the area recently thanks to major renovations

· The Great Mayan Barrier Reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world

· The fourteen miles of beaches in Cancun are for everyone – hotels can place items out for their guests, but they cannot keep non-guests out of that area

· More than 46,000 weddings are performed in Cancun every single year

· A third of the tourism in Mexico is in Cancun

· The average temperature is eighty degrees Fahrenheit

· There are more than 240 days of sun every year

· The sand on the beaches are made from crushed coral and is not hot when stepped on

· There are more than 24,000 hotel rooms in Cancun

· Three of the world’s longest underwater caves are located here

· There are more than 350 restaurants in Cancun

· Multiple festivals are held every year in Cancun and many of them attract tourists

Many of the resorts in Cancun are all-inclusive, which makes them more affordable to go to. Since everything is included in one price, people will find that they can do much more on their vacation than they ever dreamed possible, and that is one more thing that keeps everyone going back to Cancun.

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