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Germany - so rich in history!

Germany is also known as the Federal Republic of Germany and it is the most populous area of the European Union. The capital and largest city of the country is Berlin. Archeologists have discovered ancient human remains that they believe date back six hundred thousand years, so the country has been inhabited for a very long time.

This country is in both Western and Central Europe and is bordered by multiple countries including Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It is also bordered by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

The entire country is full of forests with quite different elevation points. The highest point in the country is Zugspitze in the Alps at 9,718 feet and the lowest is Wilstermarsch at 11.6 feet below sea level.

Biodiversity is quite important in this country and many of the plants and animals live within the sixteen national parks, fifteen biosphere reserves, and ninety-eight nature parks. There are even approximately four hundred zoos and animal parks in the country.

The weather in Germany is seasonal in many areas, although certain areas get colder and warmer than others.

The proximity to other countries, the weather, and the biodiversity of the country are all reasons as to why this country is the seventh most visited one in the world. The other reasons include the fact that Germany offers so many things for people to do while they are visiting.

Here are some unique and interesting facts about the country of Germany:

· When kids begin first grade, they receive a giant cone filled with toys and candy

· Anyone 14 and older can legally drink alcohol as long as one of their parents is present

· College is free for everyone

· Prostitution is legal

· Everything is closed on Sundays, except churches

· It is even illegal to do any types of home renovations on Sundays, including hanging a picture on the wall

· It is bad luck to wish someone Happy Birthday before their birthday and it could mean that they could die before their big day

· Oktoberfest actually begins in the month of September

· Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten is the largest zoo in the world

· There are 300 different types of bread made in Germany

· Anyone who passes out from drinking too much beer is referred to as a Bierleichen, which means beer corpse

· There are more than 150 castles in the country, including the one that Walt Disney modeled his Sleeping Beauty Castle after

· Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften is the longest word that is currently being used in the German language

Germany is full of history, although not all of it is good, and that makes it interesting to many people. There is quite a bit to see and do while visiting the country, which means that people will be able to experience multiple things that they enjoy during their vacation.

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