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Luxembourg - this country feels so medieval times!


Luxembourg is a country surrounded by the countries of Belgium, Germany, and France in Western Europe. The official name of this country is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but it is easy to see why everyone calls it Luxembourg. The first recorded history of this country occurs in 963 and its troubled history included numerous wars until the end of World War II.

This country is one of the smallest one in Europe, yet the lower two thirds is divided into five geographic sub-regions. These regions include a plateau, thick forests, valley, craggy terrain, and large towns. The weather during the winter months is cool, while the temperatures warm up significantly during the summer months.

The people in Luxembourg speak at least one of four languages. These languages are German, French, English, and Luxembourgish, which is a Franconian language of the Moselle region that is also spoken in certain parts of Belgium, Germany, and France.

While there are not many wild animals like lions or elephants in Luxembourg, there are still quite a few other animals in the country. A few of the animals that are seen the most include the European otter, wild boar, elk, roe deer, European polecat, cross fox, brown bear, arctic fox, and wild cat. Bats are also commonly seen in this country, and many people who are interested in this creature will visit the area to learn more about the species that live there.


Interesting and unique facts about Luxembourg:

· Almost half of Luxembourg’s workforce lives in another country and commutes everyday

· Luxembourg is home to more than 150 banks

· Luxembourg has 54 television channels and 29 radio stations

· Luxembourg has the highest rate of car ownership in the entire world with 647 cars purchased per 1,000 people

· Luxembourg’s population is mostly tri-lingual with almost everyone speaking French, German, and English. Of course, some also speak Luxembourgish

· The country’s motto is “Mir wëlle bleiwe, war mir sin” or “We want to remain what we are”

· Luxembourg’s national dish is bouneschlupp, which is green bean soup with potatoes, bacon, and onions

· June 23rd is the date of the Grand Duke’s official birthday, but no Grand Duke of Luxembourg has ever been born on that date

· People can rent bikes in Luxembourg City for thirty minutes for free

· According to a UN survey on crime, people have a lesser chance of being shot in Luxembourg than any other country


As everyone can see, Luxembourg is quite the unique and fascinating country. The history is full and appealing, the attractions are wonderful, and the people are friendly. While a few visitors might get confused with the languages at first, it is easy to figure it out in a short amount of time.

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