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Denmark - have always been wanting to visit this place!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and while many people go there for that reason, there are so many other reasons to visit. The modern twists have created a new level of enthusiasm within this magnificent city, yet there is still the history that has turned this area into the fabulous destination that it is today.

While there is a plethora of things to see and do in Copenhagen, the list of must-see destinations and attractions are more manageable for those who are only there for a week. A few of the sights that everyone must see include Tivoli Gardens, Strøget, Nationalmuseet, the Botanical Garden, and the Church of Our Savior. Oh, and don’t forget to find the Little Mermaid Statue as you are wandering around!

The weather in Copenhagen is comparable to other parts of the world with four seasons being prevalent throughout the year. The coldest month is usually February, while the warmest temperatures occur during the months of July and August.

There isn’t really a better time to visit Copenhagen during the year, but most people choose to go when it is warmer. However, travelers must be aware that the streets and the beaches will be more crowded during that time of the year, because everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures. Those who choose to visit during the winter months will find that they need to dress for the cooler temps, but they will still have plenty to do. Some people think that the best time to visit this city is during December when all the Christmas markets are open.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Copenhagen

· This is one of the best cities in the world for cycling! The special cyclist traffic lights only add to the ambiance that also includes special bike lanes and parking spaces for bikes.

· Strøget is a mile-long shopping road and no cars are allowed on it. In fact, it is the longest car free shopping area within Scandinavia!

· Famous fairy tales began here with The Little Mermaid. In fact, Hans Christian Andersen wrote many of his popular ones right in Nyhavn.

· The silence is almost deafening on all modes of public transportation in Copenhagen!

· Travelers can see a member of the Royal Family at any time when they are in Copenhagen, because they spend part of their days in common shops and areas.

· There are more Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen than any other Scandinavian city.

Visiting this captivating city in Denmark will have any traveler craving more! If you have never been, I highly recommend visiting this fascinating city sometime soon!

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