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Oh my Helsinki, Finland!

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is one of the many cities within Finland that is filled with extraordinary architecture and stunning designs that have turned this destination into one of the most innovative places in the world. Of course, there is also the natural elements of this city, which include islands, gorgeous parks, and lush forests complete with hiking trails and flowers. Add in all the thrilling adventures and activities and most travelers wish they had a month to visit instead of a week.

A few of the best things to do and see in Helsinki include Helsinki Cathedral, Seurasaari Island, and the National Museum of Finland. Travelers might want to take a vintage tram ride before relaxing in a sauna and stopping at Old Market Hall.

Since Helsinki is in southern Finland, the city experiences warmer temperatures and less snowfall than everywhere else in the country. The winter months are also shorter, despite the fact that the sun is low in the sky for longer than the winter season.

The summer months are peak season in Helsinki, since the weather is wonderful and much warmer. Fall and spring are also nice, despite the cooler temperatures, and a few additional deals can be found at these times. However, those who want the best deals, when it comes to flights and accommodations, the winter months are the best. The good news is that those who travel to Helsinki during the winter will have the opportunity to attend many different festivals that take place only at that time of the year.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Helsinki

· The city of Helsinki can be found within more than three hundred islands.

· This is one of the coldest cities in the entire world and there are at least fifty days where there is no sunshine at all.

· The highest cell phone to resident ratio can be found in Helsinki, thanks to Nokia being based in the country.

· Travelers will want to keep an eye out for the Helsinki Helpers, who are dressed in uniforms during the months of June through the middle of September. Their job is to answer questions and give advice to those who need it.

· The animal symbol of Helsinki is the squirrel.

· The light-colored granite buildings have allowed Helsinki to earn the nickname, the White City of the North.

· In the downtown area of Helsinki, no one ever needs to shovel snow during the winter months, because the sidewalks are heated from below and the snow and ice just melts away.

Helsinki is a magical destination that travelers will need at least a week to see and experience to the fullest. If you haven’t been to Helsinki yet, you may want to start making plans to go there during your next vacation!

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