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A beautiful place you can't miss - Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is quite the resilient city, having seen more in its lifetime than many of us will see in ours. The architecture is diverse, the natural surroundings are gorgeous, and the cultural treasures leave many people wanting to know more. Add in the fabulous cuisine that is served in local and trendy restaurants, and the cocktails that are served in the bars, and you will have a destination that you will want to return to again and again.

One of the first places you should see is Old Town, which has been rebuilt after being almost completely destroyed. You can see many of the better attractions and landmarks along the Royal Route, which is about a fifteen-kilometer route that begins at Castle Square and ends at Wilanów Palace. The largest park in Warsaw is Łazienki Park and it is an excellent place to explore or sit down to take a break. Other places to see and visit include Old Town Market Place, Royal Castle, and the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

The winters are freezing cold in Warsaw, but the summers make up for it with the temperatures soaring close to eighty degrees. It can rain at any time of the year, but do not be surprised if it looks like rain on any given day due to the clouds that always seem to be in the sky.

The best time to visit Warsaw is from April through October, because that is when the weather is warm. However, the months of July and August is when most people travel to Warsaw, so do not be surprised to see that it is extremely busy during that time. You may find amazing deals during the winter months, but you must be prepared for the falling temperatures.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Warsaw, Poland

· The first official library opened in Warsaw back in 1747.

· Be careful during rush hour in Warsaw, because the locals spend more than one hundred hours every year stuck in traffic.

· The narrowest two-story home in the entire world can be found in Warsaw. The height is nine meters, the width is just under one and a quarter meters, and the elevation is three meters.

· When you take an elevator in Warsaw, the first floor is considered zero, so make sure you press one and not two when you want to get off on the second floor.

Warsaw is a fascinating city that everyone must visit at least once during their travels. You will do a lot of walking in this city, but consider that necessary due to all the good foods you will be eating while you are there!

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