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I love Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Art, music, design, and coffee is what Vienna is known for the most in the country of Austria. Your inner-cultural side will flourish as you explore every inch of this city, while your foodie side will love every dish that you try. There is no right or wrong way to explore Vienna, but you must have a plan if you want to see as much as possible when you are there.

The first thing you should do in Vienna is take a tour of Schönbrunn Palace, so you can see how royalty has lived there all these years. You won’t see all one thousand four hundred forty-one rooms, but you will see enough to get an idea. Other must-see sights include Hofburg Palace, Rathaus, Tiergarten Schönbrunn, the Belvedere Museum, and the Vienna State Opera. If you happen to love horses, or the art of classical dressage, then a stop at The Spanish Riding School must be on your list as well.

The sun is not always out in Vienna, but that doesn’t mean that it is bitter cold all year long. Yes, the winters are cold and windy, and it can get below freezing many days, but the summers warm up when the temperatures soar closer to eighty degrees.

The most people travel to Vienna during the spring, despite the cold that sticks around longer than usual. The summer still sees many people with the warmer temperatures and that is considered the city’s true peak season. The rest of the year may bring better deals for airfare and accommodations, so while you will need to dress warm, you won’t need to share the attractions with thousands of other people.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Vienna, Austria

· While wine can be found in many different places around the world, Vienna is the only capital city to produce the most within the city limits. There are more than three hundred vintners and seventeen hundred acres of vineyards in Vienna.

· Sigmund Freud worked and lived in Vienna for most of his working days.

· The oldest Ferris wheel in the world can be found in Vienna. The Wiener Riesenrad was built back in 1897 and it is still in operation today.

· The snow globe was invented in Vienna back in 1900 by Erwin Perzy. He did this by accident though, as he was trying to make surgical lamps brighter at the time.

· There are more than three hundred elegant balls in this city every year and most of them take place within the first three months of each year.

There are so many cities that must be on everyone’s travel list, but I think that Vienna needs to be one of the ones that is closer to the top. The qualities of this city are seen everywhere that a person goes, and it is amazing at what you can take away from a trip to this wonderful part of the world.

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