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Naples, Italy - there's something about Napoli

Naples, Italy

One of the most energetic cities in the world is Naples and you will find yourself on the go from the moment you arrive until you reluctantly leave. You must see many of the historical sights, so you can learn more about the history of this magnificent destination. While the food throughout Italy is delicious, there is something about the cuisine in Naples. This is where the best pizza in the country can be found and you cannot go far without spotting yet another street market.

In between bites of food, you can climb to the top of Mount Vesuvius, to peer way down into the crater that hasn’t erupted in more than seventy years. Once you have seen the slightly active volcano, you can venture over to the ruins of Pompeii or you can stay closer to the city and enjoy the San Gennaro Catacombs, Castel Nuovo, the Naples Cathedral, and the Palazzo Reale. You may also want to take the time to wander around Naples Harbour.

The weather in Naples is warm during the summer and cold and wet during the winter. The sun is covered by clouds most of the year and it is during those times that the rains appear.

When it comes to visiting Naples, the best time to go there is either during the spring or in the fall. The weather is gorgeous during those months, albeit a little rain and clouds, and there are fewer crowds. If you go during the summer, you may roast, but you shouldn’t get rained on. The best deals can be found during the winter months, as long as you are not looking to go around the holidays.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Naples, Italy

· Many famous actors have been born in Naples. One of them is Sophia Loren.

· The first pizzeria in the world opened in Naples in 1830. The name of the pizzeria was Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba and it is still open today.

· There are twenty-one different zones in this city, and they all have their own unique vibe.

· There are eighteen towns surrounding the base of Mount Vesuvius and if this volcano ever erupts in the future, those who live in those towns will end up like the locals in Pompeii.

· Naples hasn’t always been part of Italy. In fact, it was not deemed a part of the country until October 1860, which was during the Italian Unification movement.

Naples is the best place to grab a slice of pizza or two, along with an espresso in Italy. Yes, you can still find amazing wine and the rest of the foods are delicious as well, but the pizza and espresso are what you will order time and time again. Don’t worry, you can’t eat too much while in Naples, because you will walk most of it off when you are wandering around exploring!

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