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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

The entire city of Lisbon is one massive collaboration of gorgeous cathedrals, ancient ruins, and even alleys covered in cobblestones. History is everywhere amongst the scenery, but you will be more interested in the food than anything else. This will be especially true once you begin to smell the aromas that waft out of every restaurant and cafe.

Weather in Lisbon

The winter months are cold and wet in Lisbon and that is why so many people choose to visit during the warm and dry summers. While the winter months are considered cold, they do not get as cold as many other parts of the world, so you may find yourself extremely comfortable in Lisbon even in the middle of December or January. As for rain, it is common to see droplets falling from the sky from the end of September all the way through the middle of May.

Things to Do in Lisbon

You will never be bored when you spend time in the city of Lisbon, because there are so many options available to you. One of the first things you will want to do when you arrive is visit the Belem Tower. This is where you can find the delectable pasteis da nata, made from the original recipe. Just be prepared to return multiple times during your trip to purchase some more!

Next on your list should be a ride on Tram 28 before riding the Santa Justa Elevator for the fabulous views. Afterwards, you can explore St. George’s Castle, wander through the National Tile Museum, or see the marine life at the Oceanarium.

Unique Facts About Lisbon

  • Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world.

  • Lisbon has not always been the capital of Portugal. Coimbra held that title for many years until it was transferred over to this city.

  • Belem Tower was a prison years ago.

  • The locals in this city are referred to as Lisboetas and Alfacinhas.

  • One of the smallest bookstores in the world can be found in Lisbon.

  • Pasteis da nata is an incredible dessert in Lisbon, but only three people know the exact original recipe.

  • Lisbon was almost destroyed by an earthquake in 1755.

You will definitely get your workouts in as you are walking from one attraction to the next in Lisbon when you take the time to visit there. I fell in love with this area the moment I arrived and I know you will do the same. So, if you haven’t planned a trip to this amazing city yet, you may want to get started! You won’t regret one moment of your time there and may even want to stay longer than you originally planned!

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