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Split, Croatia - a dream come true destination

Split, Croatia

The Dalmatia region of Croatia is simply amazing and if you are ever there, you must spend a little time in the city of Split. This is the second largest city within Croatia and it has a vibrancy you will not see anywhere else in the world. Add in the picture perfect views and the sightseeing attractions and you will have a vacation to remember.

Weather in Split

The summer season is short in Split, so you must plan your vacation there carefully if you want to take advantage of the gorgeous hot weather. However, the springs and fall season are also beautiful and mostly warm, so you can avoid the crowds and still fall in love with everything Split offers without freezing during those times of the year. The winter months are quite cold and they seem to be never-ending as well, which is why many people do not spend a lot of time there at that time of the year.

Things to Do in Split

One of the first things you will want to do when you arrive in Split is wander around Old Town. This is where you can see Diocletian’s Palace, as well as many other attractions within this city. If you have your own kitchen where you are staying, you might want to consider stopping at Ribarnica, which is a fish market, to grab something to make for dinner.

A little time in Marjan Forest Park will have you exploring old cave dwellings and small stone churches. A climb up three hundred plus stairs will have you at the highest point of the park, so you can see the views of the city below.

Unique Facts About Split

  • Before Split was known as Split, it was called Spalatium, Spalatum, and Spalato.

  • The oldest cathedral in the entire world, Cathedral of Saint Domnius, can be found in Split.

  • The Split Sphinxes are the most photographed attractions within the city.

  • The peculiar church of Saint Martin, which is a miniature church within the northern wall of the Diocletian’s Palace.

  • The third oldest bookstore in the world, Morpurgo, can be found in Split.

  • Split is where Gregory of Nin’s toe is located.

  • The locals do not call the squares by their real names, so it can be difficult to find one if you ask a local where to go.

Split is a wonderful destination and you will love exploring this unique destination halfway around the world. I recommend combining this city with a visit to Dubrovnik, so you can see the best of both worlds in the country of Croatia.

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