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Barcelona, Spain - lovely visit here

Barcelona, Spain

The city of Barcelona is filled with culture, but as you are searching for your favorite building or attraction, you will discover so much more. Treasures from more than two thousand years ago can be found almost anywhere, but make sure you take the time to enter some of the local dining establishments to try some of the traditional cuisine. After a long night out on the town, the sandy beaches will ensure that you have plenty of time to relax under the shining sun the following day.

Your days will be busy in Barcelona as you venture from one attraction to another. Las Ramblas should be near the top of your list, but don’t forget to make sure that Sagrada Família, Park Güell, the Barcelona City History Museum, and Plaça de Catalunya are on there as well. If you can’t decide where to go to eat, check out La Bouqueria, which is a market that has been in the city since the medieval times.

Warm weather doesn’t stick around for long in Barcelona, but the colder temperatures seem to linger for what seems like forever. However, it very rarely gets below freezing in this city, which can be good depending on how you look at things. It is common for Barcelona to have rain throughout the year, but the most rain normally falls between the end of September and the beginning of November.

The best time to visit Barcelona is always going to be the spring, because there are less tourists there, the weather is starting to get nicer, and there are many festivals and cultural events to experience. Summer brings in more people who want to enjoy the hot temperatures and the sand on the beaches. The winter is always the slowest time in this city, but if you choose to visit, you will find shorter lines to go with the cooler temperatures.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Barcelona, Spain

· There are two legends of how this city was founded and no one can yet tell which one is true!

· The beaches in Barcelona could not be used by the public until 1992, when the area was redeveloped for the Olympic Games.

· Five streets make up the infamous La Rambla promenade.

· One of Barcelona’s beaches holds the very first ice bar! Icebarcelona can be found on El Somorrostro Beach and it opened back in 2007.

Barcelona is such a fascinating city and you will love every inch of it when you take the time to visit. While you can choose to visit only this part of Spain, you may want to consider exploring more of the country when you are in that part of the world. You definitely will not be disappointed!

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