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Venice, Italy - such a relaxing place to be

Venice, Italy

The canals of Venice attract people from all over the world, but there are many other things that will pique your attention after you arrive. The marble palaces, the palazzos, unique fashion, cultural delights, and extraordinary cuisine will have you craving more and wanting to stay longer.

There is so much to do in Venice and while you may want to spend your days and nights on a gondola floating through the canals, you must wander around a little more. Start at St. Mark’s Basilica before exploring St. Mark’s Square and eventually the Gallerie dell’Accademia. Venice Lido is the perfect place to relax at any time and it is not too far away if you start to miss the bustling canals. You will find yourself returning to the Bridge of Sighs time and time again, because the views and the intricate details will simply take your breath away.

The weather in Venice is similar to many other parts of the world with the winters being extremely cold and the summers being hot. It doesn’t snow in Venice that much, if at all, but you will see a lot of rain between the months of April through November.

Tourists flock to Venice by the thousands every summer, so if you do not like crowds, this is not the time for you to visit. The months of March through May and September through November are considered the times when the crowds thin out a little, and since the weather is still fairly nice, you can spend a good amount of time outdoors. If you choose to visit during the winter months, you will find many excellent deals, but be prepared to dress warm and bring a heavy coat and gloves.

Unique and Interesting Facts About Venice, Italy

· Venice is actually comprised of more than one hundred islands.

· There are 417 bridges in Venice and a little more than seventy of them are private.

· There are 450 palaces within this city.

· The first casino to be open to the public was opened in Venice during 1638.

· The first female gondolier was hired back in 2010.

· Couples who want to stay in love forever should kiss as they float beneath every bridge on their gondola ride.

· Venice used to be a country before it turned into this fabulous city.

Venice is such an amazing city, from the canals to the palaces to the plethora of things to do. A trip here will allow you to make memories that last a lifetime, which is why you must travel there at some point in the future.

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